What Makes Alpaca Wool
the Fabric of Royalty?


During the Inca times, Alpaca wool was reserved for the Royalty.
It was praised for creating the most luxurious fabrics.

Why is Alpaca Wool Nature’s Superior Performance Fiber?

Flame resistant

It does not melt or stick when touching another burning surface.

Durable & SOFTNESS

The fiber is extremely stretchy and easily expands. It’s wave structure called crimping is the reason for its strength. We use the finest fibers at 18 to 18.5 microns. It feels incredibly soft at touch.

Temperature regulator

Feeling cool when it's hot and feeling warm when cold. Alpaca can naturally release heat and contain heat in it’s hollow core. 

Natural InsulatoR

It’s hollow fibers capture your body warmth protecting you from the cold while being breathable.

resist odors

Odor is hidden in the fiber’s unique structure.

uv protection

 Alpaca wool protects from the harsh sun rays. So you can enjoy your gear during the spring & summer.


You can bury your gear in the ground under the correct conditions.

≈ 0% Moisture Absorption

Their fibers absorb almost zero percent of moisture. This helps you stay dry and comfortable. 


Keratin is an antibacterial property found in alpaca wool. You wash less and save water and energy.


Alpaca fibers are Lanolin-Free. Lanolin (itchy wax) is found in most sheep’s wool including merino. It takes toxic substances to remove this wax off wool including gallons of boiling water. 

Wicks Moisture

This unique wool wicks away moisture so you avoid the chills when you are sweating.

Wind Proof

 Resistant to high winds, you can hike through any climate.